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Introduction to OHSMUN 2017


The United Nations General Assembly [GA], one of the six principal organs of the United Nations [UN], forms committees to investigate and to research various proposed methods and actions that the UN hopes will bring positive change to the world and its inhabitants. In their committees, they debate the merits of each proposal, with the hope of bringing it to the GA plenary for a vote and passing a resolution. Each resolution should embody the goals of the UN, such as promoting human rights and preserving peace and security. Even though resolutions of the GA are not binding, for it cannot enforce that every member-state follows its regulations, they set important conventions that many governments feel compelled to follow.

Currently, the GA is debating the proposed Sustainable Development Goals and its post-2015 agenda. Significant progress on important issues such as climate change are also expected from the UN. Thus, great hope and anticipation stir in activists around the world. Many expect that this year could mark a pivotal change in the way that the member-states of the UN have approached pressing challenges.

With this expectation, we at the United Nations Association of Columbus want to help high school students experience this exciting process of producing resolutions. Our Ohio High School Model United Nations conference at Otterbein University will simulate working- committees of the UN General Assembly. Delegates will have the opportunity to follow the same procedures that world leaders and their representatives use when they speak at the UN. Before the conference, the students will choose which country they want to represent and which committee they want to debate in. Students will then research their country’s positions on the topics of the committee and arrive to the conference prepared to support their proposals in front of other delegates.




Location: Otterbein University

Student teams from: Otterbein, OSU, Capital, Columbus State, …..


Model United Nations Conference (plus 2)
(with or without experience)
1. Training / preparation Workshops, available for teachers and students TBA
2. Each HS may select 1 or 2 students to be assistant chairs with the university students


Event Schudule


08:00 am – “raising the flags”, setup
08:30 am – Riley Hall – assignments / registration / orientation
09:05 am – Opening General Assembly, Key Noter – Committee Chairs
09:20 am – Pre-Committee Session 1 …..(what do you know about the UN) 09:50 am – Roush Hall – Team Creation (sharing donut break)
10:00 am – United Nations Session 2 ….. “IDEA WALL” (4 questions)
10:45 am – United Nations Session 3 ….. (5 questions)
11:30 am – United Nations Session 4 ….. ” WORKING WALL”
12:15 pm – Lunch ….. (Provided)
12:45 pm – United Nations Session 5 ….. “IDEAS to RESOLUTIONS”
01:30 pm – Closing General Assembly – Resolutions Presented
02:00 pm – Delegate / Delegation Recognition / Photo Op
02:30 pm – “moving on”, tear down

$10.00 Delegate / Participant fee – SMDMUN Handbook, ID, donuts, lunch

Contact: Len Baldwin, UNA-USA Model UN Advisor, SMDMUN Director, Otterbein University
lbaldwin@otterbein.edu TodaysFootprint@gmail.com Director@unacol.org pH/ text 937-309-6500


Model UN Details and Instructions


Country / Committee Registration ….. registration begins TBA

1. Individuals request a country in advance (or at sign in…) also, request one of 6 committees
2. Schools request a country for each 6 students….. each country to be represented on one of 6
committees (you will be notified if requests are not available)

Attendee expenses:

1. Registration $10 per Delegate / Participant – ask about reduced amount … fee shirts $5
2. Those dropping off a student may attend the EVENT
3. Delegate/Participant fees: send to – UNA-USA, 57 Jefferson Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215
4. The fee includes:
• The Model UN Conference, ‘morning’ donuts, lunch, SMDMUN Delegate book, etc…

FORUM Details:

• Dress code for all: Western business attire or “country of origin”
(like you are going to a business conference)

Time and Location:

1. Saturday, TBA 8:30am-2:30pm plus setup & “tear-down”
2. Location… Otterbein University, 1 South Grove Street, Westerville, Ohio 43081
3. Directions – Cleveland Ave north from I-270 to Main, Main east to Grove, south 1 block
4. Riley Hall – Opening/ Closing… Committees in Roush Hall
5. Check in at the “MODEL UN ” table for Documents or “Will-Call”, pay balance if owed
6. Arrive around 8:30am to complete sign in, be seated at General Assembly by 9:05am
7. Program ends at 2:30pm+ in General Assembly, then volunteer tear-down
8. Parents, Guardians, Public are encouraged to witness any portion of Conference


Additional info:


1. Committee chairs are college students and guests … Plus 1 or 2 HS students
2. Observer Teams include: HS teachers, business professionals, general public
3. Recognition: for areas of participation and service, plus for ‘outstanding preparation’
4. Inquiries: ph/text 937-309-6500; e-mails lbaldwin@otterbein.edu Director@unacol.org
TodaysFootprint@gmail.com OHSMUN

Staff: includes professionals and university students
Preparation and research – optional working papers

Primary Countries

1. Canada 2. United States 3. Mexico 4. Panama 5. Columbia 6. Venezuela 7. Brazil 8. Argentina 9. United Kingdom 10. France 11. Germany 12. Spain 13. Egypt
14. Saudi Arabia 15. Nigeria 16. South Africa 17. Russia 18. Israel 19. Turkey 20. India 21. South Korea 22. China 23. Japan 24. Australia 25. ..other country of choice


COMMITTEES – Agenda Options – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


1. Addressing poverty and hunger, especially during conflicts and/or natural disasters
a. increasing employment, income possibilities, aide
b. improving food disbursement and supplies, types needed from whom

2. Increasing access to education –
a. establishing policies to guarantee right to education and free speech (UNICEF)
b. strengthening education tools in the 21st century

3. Empowering women and girls and rights of children –

a. eliminating forms of gender-based violence against women and girls (UN Women), children…..
b. promoting career and educational opportunities for women

4. Promoting health and wellness –

a. strengthening the capacity of all countries, particularly developing countries, for warning, risk reduction,
and management of national and global health risks (UNDP)
b. ensuring access to healthcare services in all countries, particularly developing countries

5. Enhancing environmental sustainability –

a. helping with responses to climate change, issues of pollution
b. encouraging sustainable development in all countries

6. Improving international security – Security Council-

a. promoting weapons control in all states, especially rogue states
b. establishing norms for cyber security while reviewing country committee members

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